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What is the primary language of communication during the camp?

The primary language of communication during the camp is English.

How can I download and install WhatsApp or WeChat?

To download and install WhatsApp or WeChat, you can visit the respective app stores on your smartphone (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS). Search for "WhatsApp" or "WeChat" and follow the instructions to download and install the app.

How much spending money should my child bring to the camp?

The amount of spending money your child should bring to the camp can vary depending on personal preferences and the activities available. We recommend RM 2,000 for the entirety of the camp.

What is the process for exchanging money at the camp?

If possible, please do exchange to Malaysian Ringgit before attending the camp. Avoid last-minute exchanges at the airport, as it is very expensive, we will have an exchange counter open at Epsom once they come in and one every week till the last week of the camp;

  • 24 Dec
  • 31 Dec
Can my child use a debit card during the camp?

Debit card are good to use in Malaysia, and widely acceptable! We recommend debit cards as parents can monitor usage, and most of the places we’re going to children can use cards. Debit card is preferable because parents can top-up, and if there are any expenses that the family are unhappy about, they can discuss it together, and also be able to provide feedback to the child. This is something that is personal to each family, and is something we cannot control during excursions on what they want to spend on.

What is the procedure if my child tests positive for COVID-19 during the camp?
  • Nurses to verify first
  • Inform parents
  • If the symptoms worsen, we’ll check with a doctor
  • Hospitalise if required (last year we didn’t have to hospitalise anyone, most were mild cases and this year we are seeing a higher vaccination rate)
What are the vaccination recommendations for the camp?
  • COVID vaccination
  • Annual flu vaccination 
Does my child need to bring their own hairdryer?

If they heavily rely on it, it is recommended to bring their own, Malaysia uses a 220V hairdryer.